Certified Halal Food Management System Specialist

Program Objectives and Learning Outcome

Muslims are supposed to consume permissible, pure and wholesome food. Halal food is not only a religious issue but it is a way of quality food which is also matter for high importance for non-Muslims. There is an increasing demand of professionals who could effectively manage Halal Food Management Systems because the global Halal industry is growing very fast. The Certified Halal Food Management System Specialist e-learning program introduces participants to Halal terminology and the implementation of Halal Standards. The participants will also be exposed to the Halal Certification process in Food Industry and general requirements related to the Halal product and services.

After the completion of course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand rationale of Halal and overview of global Halal industry
  • Learn and apply different standards of Halal in professional life
  • Understand rules of Halal Food Management System (Food and non-food)
  • Learn how to handle Meat (including storage)
  • Build a solid foundation for your professional future

Why Study Certified Halal Auditor course?

  • Use post-nominal letters 'CHFMSS' after your name!
  • Enhance your relevance and stay current in a rapidly growing global Halal industry so that you can better explore opportunities
  • Demonstrate your expertise in Halal industry to your employer
  • Obtain truly rewarding certification and gain recognition within the Halal industry

Program Summary

Course Duration: 3 months
Total Modules: 2
Assignment per Module: 3
Duration of One Module: 6 Weeks
Total Courses: 6
Course Prerequisite*: Bachelor Degree or 1 Year Experience
Language: English
International Fee: US$ $690
Pakistan Fee: PKR 24900

Note*: Prerequisite Requirements may be relaxed on individual basis depending on personal CV

Program Structure

Module I: General Guidelines for Halal Foods

  • CHFMSS: 301: Basic Concepts of Halal Foods
  • CHFMSS: 302: Overview of Global Halal Food Industry
  • CHFMSS: 303: Halal Certification in Food Industry

Module II: Halal Food Management System

  • CHFMSS: 304: Halal Food Management System Standards
  • CHFMSS: 305: Halal Audit (Internal/External)
  • CHFMSS: 306: Shari'ah Issues in Halal Food Production

Comprehensive Exam

  • CHFMSS:307: Comprehensive Exam
PGD Islamic Banking & Finance

What We Offer?

This program is meticulously structured to award a professional qualification to young graduates who wish to explore career opportunities in the growing halal industry and to professionals already working in the food and non-food industry who seek to gain access to the most relevant, contemporary and practical knowledge available so that they may become widely recognized as outstanding professionals in their fields. The course assumes no previous knowledge of the Halal industry.

PGD Islamic Banking & Finance

Who Should Attend?

  • Food Technologist
  • Meat Specialist/ Inspector
  • QC/ QA Mangers
  • R&D Manager
  • Poultry & Livestock Professionals
  • Confectionaries & Dairy
  • Halal Supply Chain
  • Consultants of Halal Industry
  • Tourism and Hospitality industry
  • Independent Leaners
  • Researchers in Food Industry
  • Students
  • Trainers of Halal Industry etc.

Course Fee

International Fee: US$ $690

Pakistan Fee: PKR 24900

Our Clients


Client Testimonials

Arslan Ahmed

Arslan Ahmed
Manager, Shalimar Indisches Restaurants Ulm

Halal Certification from Amanah Halal Research Centre has enabled us to grow our food business beyond our expectations. Halal Certification has proved as a symbol of trust and customer satisfaction.

Graziana Scalone

Graziana Scalone
Analyst, CMC Laboratory

I have attended two days specialized workshop organized by Amanah Halal Research Centre and I can safely recommend their training and E-learning courses. The trainers were well-prepared and course was professionally conducted.