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About Us

What is Amanah Halal Research Centre?

Amanah Halal Research Centre - Amanah HRC is the world's leading Halal Certification Body and working globally for Halal Certification. Our other services include Education & Capacity Building, Advisory & Consultancy, Research & Development, Strategy design and implementation, E-learning programs, Conferences and events. Amanah HRC has a multidisciplinary and innovative global team of outstanding professionals working together in a collaborative environment to deliver value to our clients.

Amanah HRC offers a broad range of services:

  • On-sight consultation
  • Employee education, training and capacity building
  • Process audits to identify key issues and bottlenecks
  • Halal certification programs
  • Market research and development (product gap analysis)
  • Marketing strategy design and implementation
  • Exposure at trade fairs
  • Customized certification for specific markets and countries including U.A.E. Standards, Malaysian Standards, and more.

Our Brands