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E-Learning Programs

Amanah HRC is a global provider of premium public courses, E-Learning Programs and tailored learning solutions. In today’s ever-changing world and hypercompetitive environment, we at Amanah HRC E-Learning Solutions want to ensure your training needs are delivered to you at your pace, anytime, anywhere, and in the format you need most. Clients have complete control over E-Learning programs and can leverage them in a flexible manner and can customize them to fit their schedule and learning objectives. With our new suite of E-Learning products and services, our clients can maximize the learning and development experience.

Following are our E-learning Programs:

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Halal industry
  • Certified Halal Auditor
  • Certified Halal Logistics Manager
  • Certified Halal Tourism Manager
  • Halal Food Management System Specialist

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