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Education and Capacity Building

Amanah HRC provides individuals and businesses with unique education and capacity building training programs. Our tailor-made programs have helped clients gain advanced levels of understanding about the global Halal industry. You can benefit from our educational and capacity building services in three ways:

  • Take advantage of open public seminars, workshops and certification programs available in a number of countries and regions. (Subscribe our newsletter and we will keep you update on training programs scheduled in your area.)
  • Schedule in-house, tailor-made training (TMT) sessions for businesses, developmental agencies, chambers of commerce, export associations, government entities, and more. Our dedicated and customized training programs have helped our clients grow beyond their own expectations. (Contact us for more information about how we can assist you with your training and capacity building needs.)
  • Sign up for one of our E-learning programs. Our E-learning services are designed specifically for individuals who aspire to advance in their career and companies that want to enhance the knowledge and skills of the workforce. Our programs are especially advantageous for those with no access to our public certification programs or who are not in a position to take advantage of our in-house tailor-made training (TMT) sessions. (Please browse our website to explore our internationally recognized E-Learning Programs.)

Our dynamic and flexible training programs can be customized to fit your specific training needs and learning goals. The Amanah HRC program is customizable and our professional team will work with you to ensure we fulfil your needs.

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