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Our Team

Dr. Muhammad Ashfaq, Ph.D. Dr. Muhammad Ashfaq, Ph.D.
(Chief Executive Officer)

Dr. Muhammad Ashfaq is widely recognized as an outstanding and experienced expert in the area of Islamic finance and Halal industry. He has contributed to the further development of Halal Food and lifestyle sectors through his cutting-edge research and global initiatives for human capital development and organizational capacity building. Dr. Ashfaq has also conducted a number of lectures and facilitated training programs for many institutions and companies on the topic of the Halal industry. Dr. Ashfaq has spoken on the topic of Islamic Banking and Finance and Halal industry at conferences in more than 30 countries worldwide, and has served as peer-review referee for a number of international conferences.
Before joining Amanah HRC, Dr. Muhammad Ashfaq served as Lecturer/Scientific Staff Member at the Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences in Germany. In pursuit of his passion, Dr. Ashfaq is currently a visiting faculty member of the international MBA program at the Wittenborg Business School in the Netherlands. 
Dr. Ashfaq holds an MBA from Coburg University in Germany, a Post Graduate Diploma in Islamic Banking and Finance and an MBA in Banking and Finance from the University of the Punjab, Pakistan where he graduated with distinction. He has obtained Ph.D. degree from University of Tübingen Germany. Dr. Ashfaq was awarded the Young Scholars Research Award by the Bilkent University, Turkey in 2015 for his cutting-edge research contributions. Furthermore, Dr. Ashfaq is the co-editor of In Welcher Gesellschaft Wollen wir Leben? Befunde zu Wirtschaftsethik in der globalisierten Gesellschaft Grundsätzlich Überlegungen aus Theorie und Praxis in Wirtschaft, Recht und im Speziellen in Ethical Finance & Islamic Banking” a book published in German and English by Rainer Hampp Verlag Germany. He is also author of "Islamic Banking and Finance in Europe: The Case of Germany and United Kingdom". He speaks three international languages including German, English and Urdu.

Dr. Danilo Scalone, Ph.D. Dr. Danilo Scalone, Ph.D.
(Head Halal Research and Development)

Dr. D. Scalone, Ph.D. is a Food Technologist. He served in the Training and Food Safety System. Dr. Scalone also works as a consultant in the Food and Feed Industry: HACCP System, Quality Control, Food Scheme and Supply Chain. His concept in basic sciences is quite clear and well developed, which enables him to quickly grasp new ideas and methodologies. His analytical ability and critical thinking skills are essential for solving research-based problems and for reaching the correct findings and conclusions. Dr. Scalone speaks two international languages including Italian and English.

Management Team

Abdulaziz Mehdi Ali Abdulaziz Mehdi Ali
(Food Technologist & Auditor)

Abdulaziz Mehdi Ali has five years of experience in the food industry and currently serves as Food Technologist & Auditor at Amanah HRC, and supports our research initiatives. Mr. Abdulaziz Mehdi Ali completed a number of professional certifications including food safety management systems (ISO220000:2005) and inspection training (ISO17020:1998), which are required by international inspection agencies. Before joining Amanah HRC, Mr. Ali worked in the Quality Control Lab at Coca Cola International in Libya. He earned a Master’s Degree in Food Technology from University of Catania in Italy, with distinction and a Bachelor’s degree in Quality Control from Alfatah University Libya. He speaks three international languages including Arabic, Italian and English.

Rizwan Khan Rizwan Khan
(Senior Auditor Halal Industry)

Mr. Rizwan Khan holds an MBA from the Coburg University of Applied Science in Germany. Before joining to Amanah HRC, he served as managing director at Islo Services GmbH, a food supply chain provider specializing in halal food in Germany. Mr. Khan has diverse experience spanning both the banking industry and the halal industry. Mr. Khan has also served at Habib Bank Limited and Jahangir Trading (pvt) Ltd., in Islamabad. He now plays an important leadership role for research and development projects at Amanah HRC. Mr. Khan speaks three international languages including German, English and Urdu.

Dr. Naseer Ahmad Babar Dr. Naseer Ahmad Babar
(Halal Researcher)

Dr. Babar is a highly experienced professional and he has completed his MBBS from the I.K Akhun Baev Kyrgyz State Medical Academy Kyrgyz Republic in 2009. He has also gained very good experience while working with Muslim Charity UK in various projects. At Amanah HRC, he provides his research expertise in the area of Halal food particularly benefits of halal nutrition. He speaks three international languages including Russian, Urdu and English.

Wajid Ali Wajid Ali
(Assistant Manager Marketing)

Mr. Wajid Ali is an enthusiastic young professional having more than five years of experience in various disciplines at different institutions in Pakistan. Currently, he is working as a Assistant Manager Marketing at Amanah HRC. His main tasks include research and development, preparation of training manuals and providing key insights about latest developments. Mr. Wajid obtained Master of Philosophy in Economics from the University of Central Punjab (UCP), Lahore and M.A Economics degree from University of the Punjab, Lahore. He speaks three international languages including English, Urdu and German (basic).

Hafza Shafi Hafza Shafi
(Manager Marketing and International Collaborations)

Hafza Shafi has extensive experience and expertise in marketing and international collaborations and is currently serving as Amanah HRC’s Manager of Marketing and International Collaborations. She obtained Bachelor’s degree from the University of the Punjab, Lahore. Ms. Shafi speaks two international languages including English and Urdu.

Sahar Zeb Sahar Zeb
(Assistant Manager Marketing)

Sahar Zeb is working as Assistant Manager Marketing at Amanah Halal Research Centre. She has a profound academic and professional experience. Ms Zeb obtained her bachelor degree in Food Sciences and Technology from University of Sargodha. She speaks two international languages Urdu and English.

Faiza Salma Faiza Salma
(Manager Communications)

Mrs. Faiza Salma is passionate about Islamic Banking and Finance and has more than 10 years of international research and development experience. She is currently serving as Manager E-Learning Programs. She obtained Postgraduate Diploma in Islamic Banking and Finance and a Master's of Science in Economics from Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan. Mrs. Salma currently also provides valuable expertise in support of the R&D initiatives undertaken by Amanah HRC. She speaks three international languages including German, English and Urdu.

Muhammad Imran Bhatti Muhammad Imran Bhatti
(Legal Advisor)

Muhammad Imran Bhatti is L.L.M qualified and possesses a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, and currently serves as Senior Lawyer at Lahore High Court and as Legal Advisor at Amanah HRC where he provides technical support and guidance in support of various projects related to the Islamic financial services industry, including the Halal industry. He holds a membership of Lahore Bar Council and Punjab Bar Council. He speaks two international languages including English and Urdu.

Fazil Ahmad Fazil Ahmad
(Assistant Manager Operations)

Fazil Ahmad has four years of operations management experience and currently serves as Assistant Manager Operations for Amanah HRC. Mr. Ahmad is also responsible for coordination of conferences and training programs. He holds Bachelor degree in computer sciences from University of Sargodha. He speaks two international languages including English and Urdu.

Bilal Junaid Bilal Junaid
(Manager Web-Development)

Muhammad Bilal has five years of experience in the web development sector and currently working as Assistant Manager Web Development at Amanah HRC. He also gives trainings at Mircotechx to young learners about database fundamentals using SQL Server, Web Project and Database Consultancy. Mr. Junaid has excellent professional skills such as C++, Html, Css, Js, PHP and Microsoft Azure, just to mention few. He is also currently studying Bachelor degree in Computer Sciences from the NCBA&E. He speaks two international languages including English and Urdu.

Mufti Abubakar Siddique Mufti Abubakar Siddique

Mufti Abubakar Siddique is a seasoned Shari’ah scholar with more than 15 years of experience in Quran, Hadith and Islamic Fiqh (jurisprudence). He is actively involved in various research and development projects, and has served as Chief Editor of the monthly research magazine Al Ikhwan. Because of his in-depth knowledge and experience, Mr. Siddique is considered as one of the most authentic resource in the area of Halal industry. He possesses an M.A. in Islamic and Arabic studies from Wafaq Ul Madaris Salafia, Pakistan, and is Dars Nizami qualified. He speaks three international languages including Arabic, English and Urdu.

Prof. Dr. Najeeb Zada Prof. Dr. Najeeb Zada
(Shariah Advisor)

Prof. Dr. Najeeb Zada is currently a faculty member in the historical Islamia College University Peshawar which is a century old monument of education in Pakistan. He earned his PhD in Islamic Finance from the International Centre for Education in Islamic Finance (INCEIF), known as the Global University of Islamic Finance and located in Malaysia. Prior to this, he completed three Master degrees in Islamic Studies, Arabic, and English linguistics respectively. He also studied in a traditional Islamic school in Pakistan and successfully earned the degree of al-Shahadat al-A’alamiyyah (equivalent to a Master in Islamic Studies and a Master in Arabic). During his five years’ stay in Malaysia, Dr Najeeb assisted in the successful completion of various research projects at ISRA (International Shari’ah Research Academy for Islamic Finance) and INCEIF and is still providing his expertise and assistance towards some research projects undertaken at ISRA. Additionally, he has presented more than ten research papers in international conferences held in Malaysia, Indonesia and Pakistan that were organized and/or funded by INCEIF and the Islamic Development Bank of Jeddah respectively. Dr Najeeb is also included on the list of refereed reviewers for the International Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Finance and Management (indexed in Scopus). His areas of research include insolvency, bankruptcy, restructuring as well as the legal, regulatory, supervisory and Shari’ah aspects of Islamic finance in general and sukuk in particular.  He speaks three international languages including Arabic, English and Urdu.

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