Halal Certification

Amanah HRC enables our clients to demonstrate that their Products, Services and Processes are compliant with Halal Standards by providing a credible and authentic Halal Certification program.

Grow Your Business Globally

Benefit from untapped market potential of about 2 billion Muslim population in the area of Halal Food and Non-food Products and Services. Also Expand your business to 5 billion non-Muslims who are interested in quality and healthy food.

Market Research And Developments

Our professional, experienced, and dedicated team strives to provide world class resources and services to support our clients in achieving their goals. We match your goals and aspirations to our expertise to further enable your success.

E-Learning Courses

Enrol in one of our content-rich E-Learning programs today and take advantage of our valuable resources to expand your knowledge base and feed your curiosity about the fast-growing global halal industry.

Advisory and Consultancy

We provide advisory and consultation services to our partners, and deliver practical and enduring results. We provide our clients with the knowledge and capabilities they need to successfully implement best practice and boost performance for the long term.

Education And Capacity Building

Need specialized training for your staff? Let us know. Our highly qualified staff is standing by to help you design the program that best fits your needs.

Amanah Halal Research Centre (Amanah HRC)

Amanah Halal Research Centre - Amanah HRC is the world's leading Halal Certification Body and working globally for Halal Certification. Amanah HRC is globally recognized as a benchmark for quality and integrity. With a dedicated team of Food Technologists, Qualified Auditors, Food Inspectors, Experienced Trainers, and Experts we promote and maintain a sound professional and ethical adherence to Shari'ah Compliance, Food Safety and Quality Control. Our international Shari'ah Advisory Board is comprised of renowned Islamic Scholars (Muftis). We strive for excellence while offering quality services that are unmatched in the industry. Our other services include:

Halal Foods

The word 'halal' is an Arabic word that means permissible or lawful.

Muslims are supposed to consume permissible, pure and wholesome food. Allah has strongly prohibited Muslims to consume non-permissible food (haram). Halal food is not only a religion issue but it is a way of quality food.

" O you People! Eat of what is on earth, Halal and Pure (wholesome, good), and do not follow the footsteps of the Satan; Indeed, for he is to you an open enemy. "
(Quran, 2:168)

Why to Engage With Halal Food Industry? Some Facts
  • Fast-growing Muslim population creates tremendous business opportunities for Muslims and non-Muslims alike (currently about 2 billion Muslims represent 25% of the World's population)
  • The Halal food industry has demonstrated a veritable point of convergence between Islamic world and the West
  • There is significant scope of expansion in the global Halal industry because non-Muslims are also attracted to healthy Halal food and non-food products and services.

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Our Clients, Supporters & Partners

What our Clients Say about Amanah HRC?

  • Being an international transportation company, our clients put huge emphasis on meeting logistic standards of the global Halal Industry. Amanah Halal Research Centre (Amanah HRC) provided us customized in-house training to better understand the global Halal Industry and benefit from it. The management of Amanah HRC is very professional and at the same time friendly.

    Saro Tumino
    • Saro Tumino
      Director Gruppo IBLEO Transporti S.R.L
  • Halal Certification from Amanah Halal Research Centre has enabled us to grow our food business beyond our expectations. Halal Certification has proved as a symbol of trust and customer satisfaction.

    Saro Tumino
    • Arslan Ahmed
      ,Manager, Shalimar Indisches Restaurants Ulm
  • I have attended two days specialized workshop organized by Amanah Halal Research Centre and I can safely recommend their training and E-learning courses. The trainers were well-prepared and course was professionally conducted.

    Saro Tumino
    • Graziana Scalone
      ,Analyst, CMC Laboratory
  • Education is the top priority for me and I have benefitted from the courses offered by Amanah Halal Research Centre. I liked the course material and the way lectures were conducted. With full confidence, I can say that Amanah HRC has professional expertise and deliver excellence in the services.

    Saro Tumino
    • Ngozi Mercy
      ,M.sc, Montpellier Supagro University
  • Halal Industry course gave me very good knowledge about the market prospects of the global Halal Industry. It was a very interesting experience and I wish to enroll in further such courses offered by Amanah HRC.

    Saro Tumino
    • Gurrieri Leandra
      Food Technologist